As part of its initiative "Art Deserves More Space", the Poldi Pezzoli museum is hosting a Porcelain Festival during the months of May and June, featuring a cycle of events for adults and children.

"After the success of our antique watch festival, we wanted to continue our line of in-depth explorations organised for our audience. This time, the focus is on the history of porcelain," says Annalisa Zanni, the director of Poldi Pezzoli. "Different exhibition sections will give visitors the opportunity to discover the 18th-century porcelain collection of the museum's founder, the recent Zerilli–Marimò donation, and fine examples of contemporary production."

The Porcelain Festival includes a good number of events, including three workshops on the decoration of porcelain led by the Milanese expert Paola Carbone. The workshops are organised with support from the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d'Art. In addition, there are fun workshops for children by the Ambarabart association; guided weekend tours of the house-museum's masterpieces; and the possibility of enjoying a guided visit accompanied by musicians.

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