On 30 June 2017, the new book in the “Storietalentuose” series published by Carthusia with the Cologni Foundation is presented in Padua on the occasion of the event “Notturni d’Arte”.

“The Plants with no Name” (translated by Alice Kilgarriff from the Italian edition “Le piante senza nome”) is dedicated to young readers and presents the crafts connected with the fascinating world of plants and gardening.

The presentation takes place at the Botanical Garden of Padua, the oldest of its kind in Europe: a highly evocative place that provides also the setting of the story narrated in the book. The Botanical Garden of Padua curated the beautiful tables containing a glossary and other interesting information on the techniques used in gardening.

Carlo Calore, Director of the Botanical Garden of Padua
Alessandra de Nitto, Director of Editorial Projects and Events at the Cologni Foundation
Patrizia Zerbi, President of Carthusia
Beatrice Masini, author of the book
Sonia Maria Luce Possentini, illustrator of the book

At the end of the presentation, the author reads the story to all the children and guests.