The travelling photo exhibition "La regola del talento" ended on 2 May at the Royal Palace of Caserta, the fourth and last successful location for this initiative about academies where the future generations of excellent artisans are being trained.

It was organised with important support from the Fondazione Bracco, which shares its mission to improve young craftspeople's future with the Cologni Foundation. Collaboration with the Tarì Design School from Marcianise, one of the schools featured in the show, was also key.

Especially for this occasion, Tarì guided weekly educational workshops in the rooms of the Palace at the end of the exhibition route for young students, giving them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of jewellery design, stone mounting and gemology. In all, 6 workshops were held, attended by 10 schools and 400 local youngsters who took part in the didactic activities and more.

During the exhibition's 2 months on these premises, the Palace received over 210,000 visitors, many of whom were interested in seeing "La regola del talento", hosted in rooms along the museum route. They asked for information on the schools that had participated in the photographic initiative and became acquainted with the subject matter related to the heritage of the métiers d'art. The two months allowed young and old to enter into contact with the fascinating world of high craftsmanship while immersed in the sumptuous, exceptional surroundings of the Palace of Caserta.