The Cologni Foundation and 5VIE art+design join forces once again to promote a dialogue between the master artisans working in the famous “Cinque Vie” district of Milan and their clients, collectors and patrons.

For this special event, 19 important ateliers of the “Cinque Vie” district exceptionally open their doors to the public on the weekend of 7 and 8 October.

A lesson on the history of fine applied arts takes place on 7 October 2017 in the lecture hall of SIAM 1838 – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, an important Milanese institution devoted to the promotion of the crafts. The lesson is be followed by a round table moderated by Alberto Cavalli, with the special participation of Bruno Soresina, SIAM Chairman, Cristina Tajani, City Councillor, and a selection of master artisans and their patrons.

A special publication featuring 19 double portraits of masters and collectors, interviewed by Stefania Montani and portrayed by Patrizia Calegari, is offered to the public. The brochure also provides a guide to the 19 workshops. Visitors also participate in a special draw of 15 Atelier Cards kindly provided by the famous Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla & Figli. The lucky winners are given the opportunity to attend the marionette show “La lampada di Aladino”, from 26 October to 26 November 2017.