On 12 November 2018, at Milan's Poldi Pezzoli Museum, the book “La forma della bellezza”, published by Idea Books and curated by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte was presented to the public: a meeting and an exchange of thoughts, opinions, and experiences about Italian savoir-faire.

Some of the Masters included in the book which is available also in an english edition, have taken part in the event by narrating their own stories: how their passion for their crafts was born, the sacrifices and dedication needed to become excellent creators and what being an artisan means today. They also wanted to offer their experience to the new generations: this path requires mind, hand, heart, determination, and curiosity. The book takes us on a sort of grand tour to the 35 workshops selected, a journey from north to south, where fascinating, evocative narratives recount gestures and stories of some protagonists of Italian excellence.

It is a wonderfully illustrated itinerary escorting the reader through jewellery, ceramics, haute couture ateliers, into Murano's glassblowing furnaces, to the workshops where metals are forged, and wood is bent to the will of skilful hands, through ateliers restoring majestic pictorial works or creating delicate fragrances, up to garden centres where beautiful roses bear famous people's names: an extensive, detailed overview of the world of art crafts, of talent and value-creating places.