Within the events of EXPO 2015, the Sala del Collezionista at the Poldi Pezzoli museum hosted a special exhibition featuring original creations designed by the students of the Creative Academy and made by Italian master artisans selected by Ugo La Pietra.

The Mediterranean diet was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Its raw materials and culture inspired the creations of the young designers of the Creative Academy: objects, accessories, serving dishes and crockery to set an ideal Mediterranean table. At the same time, the students gave shape to the "conviviality" that characterizes Italy’s eating habits. In keeping with the theme of EXPO 2015, the project - supported and overseen by the Cologni Foundation – was accompanied by a multimedia presentation illustrating the stages of its making.

The objects are made in wood, ceramic and glass and were crafted in both traditional and new generation workshops. The union of different elements (the international origins of the designers, the strong local roots of the artisans, the evocative setting of the Poldi Pezzoli and the vision of Ugo La Pietra) generated an original and significant cultural cross-fertilisation.