On 7 October, Milan's streets hosted “Moeuves – Milan's treasure hunt”, a massive hunt for cultural treasure, organised by the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in cooperation with the Fondazione Cologni and 5Vie art+design, and aiming at engaging hundreds of young people both physically in Milan's streets and digitally through smartphones and a dedicated online platform.
Over 200 young people, divided into 42 teams, took part in the contest moving around the city and meeting, among many tests, the artisans from the 5Vie circuit. The master craftsmen met the young people in ten workshops, contributing their skills and knowledge, and challenging them with manual tests: from decorations to floral arrangement, from colour recognition for restoration to piece assembly for ceramics renovation, from the creation of a booklet to the assembly of a bracelet, in real hands-on challenges allowing the participants to go straight into Milan's savoir-faire.
The edition was warmly appreciated by the young people who have been able to get deeply in touch with a little-known reality while putting their ability to the test.