The theme of this year’s edition is “Territories of Innovation”. In Milan, the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art promoted and organised a rich calendar of events, in collaboration with various partners. The programme of initiatives and events was made possible thanks to the invaluable support of Vacheron Constantin, official partner of the European Artistic Crafts Days.

Intrecci. Persone, luoghi e piante della cesteria italiana
27-30 March 2015
Museo Bagatti Valsecchi
Via Gesù 5

An exhibition conceived by the young team of Segno Italiano, highlighting wickerwork, one of the oldest and noblest of Italian crafts still performed in many regions of the country, where baskets are woven using a variety of materials including willow branches, wicker, cane and other woods.

Botteghe aperte, la maestria svelata
28 and 29 March 2015
Cinque Vie

The Cologni Foundation invited citizens and tourists to discover the workshops of Milanese master craftsmen and the places where the products created by great artisans are showcased and sold.

Le arti che decorano la vita
28 March 2015
SIAM-Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri
Via Santa Marta 18

A lecture on Milanese artistic crafts and applied arts, organised in association with the CorsiArte school and with the collaboration of the cultural organisation 5VIE art+design.

Open concert
Ensemble Harmonia Cordis
28 March 2015
Basilica di San Calimero