On the occasion of Florens 2012, the Biennial International Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week, the Cologni Foundation organised a debate on the topic of artistic crafts.

Sociologist Enrico Finzi introduced the results of a survey commissioned by the Cologni Foundation to AstraRicerche (of which Finzi is the President) on the perception of artistic crafts in Italy. 1,042 interviews were conducted on a panel aged 18 to 55, representing a population of 33,5 million people. The results of the survey shed new light on the knowledge and appreciation of the artistic crafts, which will also be useful in tracing their future in our country.

Some figures in brief: 20% of Italians ignore what artistic crafts are; 50% know something about them and only 30% declare that they have a deeper knowledge. Of the 25 artistic crafts included in the survey, 80% of Italians are familiar with cooking, pastry and shoe making, 70% with photography, ceramics, jewellery, tailoring and furniture making; only 40% of the population are acquainted with the crafts of weavers, mosaicists, embroiderers and cabinetmakers.

The debate was organised by the Cologni Foundation together with Swan Group.


Gianluca Tenti, manager Swan Group

Speakers included:

Mauro Fancelli, President of the Confederazione Nazionale Artigianato Piccola e Media Impresa Firenze and Vice President of Fondazione Florens

Franz Botrè, Managing Director and Editor Swan Group

Alberto Cavalli, Director of the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art

Stefano Micelli, Professor of Economics and Business Management at Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice and Director of Venice International University

Enrico Finzi, sociologist and President of AstraRicerche

Letizia Moratti, San Patrignano Fondation

Marco Stefanini, San Patrignano Fondation, barrique project

Juan Carlos Torres, C.E.O. Vacheron Constantin

Mariapia Garavaglia, President of the Fondazione Germozzi Onlus

Giampiero Maracchi, President of the Osservatorio Mestieri d’Arte

Enrico Marinelli, President of the Associazione Guild of the Dome

Marco Ciatti, Superintendent of the Opificio Pietre Dure

Rosa Maria Villani, Coordinator of the Scuola dell’Arte della Medaglia