“Homo Faber” is a cycle of conferences promoted by the “Arti e Mestieri” Research Centre and the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art. This meeting was dedicated to television and video journalism in particular, which was introduced in Italy by Milena Gabanelli, journalist and TV anchorwoman, at the beginning of the 1990s.

Gabanelli’s most celebrated production is an investigative journalism programme called “Report”, broadcast by Rai 3 from 1997. Being a freelance, Gabanelli has fully expressed the true essence of “self-made” video journalism, where the journalist uses a portable camera and adopts a more subjective style in the conduction of an interview and in the general editing of the programme. Video journalism is also one of the most effective contemporary television styles, the heir to Italy’s glorious television history, based on perfect execution, skill and passion.


Milena Gabanelli, anchorwoman and author of Rai 3’s “Report” television programme

Franco Iseppi, President of the Touring Club Italiano and former General Director of Rai television

Aldo Grasso, Full Professor of History of television and radio at the Università Cattolica, TV critic for the Corriere della Sera daily newspaper