The Poldi Pezzoli Museum encourages the dialogue between ancient and contemporary art. Giulio Paolini (Genoa, 1940), one of the leading exponents of conceptual art, was invited to exhibit his works inspired by the house-museum’s permanent collection.

The exhibition “Expositio. Giulio Paolini per il Museo Poldi Pezzoli” evokes the special relationship between Paolini’s works and the tradition and history of classical art. The artist confronts himself incessantly with famous paintings of the past, archaeological finds and architectural traces.

The exhibition includes installations and twenty-three new works on paper, some of which are inspired by masterpieces in the Poldi Pezzoli Museum’s collection. Subjects extrapolated from antique paintings are featured in images representing the rooms of the museum. At the same time, elements that are typical of Paolini’s iconography are incorporated in reproductions of notable museum works, like Giovanni Bellini’s “Imago Pietatis”.

In its continuing support of the museum’s educational activities, the Cologni Foundation organised eight craft workshops (addressed to children aged 5 to 11) on the subject of collage titled “Collage: visual poetry” by Lucia Forneris.