On the occasion of the 2016 Design Week, the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art, Living magazine and yoox.com presented “Doppia Firma”, an experimental project that brings together design innovation with the traditions of the great Italian artists.

The project's objective is to bring to life a unique collection (16 pieces) of elegant objects, each of which is the result of a creative exchange between a designer and an artisan possessing an almost unique savoir-faire.

The designers' projects and artisans' expertise come together in this creative exercise, using materials and techniques that range from cabinet-making to alabaster, from paper to brass, from soapstone to Grand Feu enamel, from rust printing to basket-making, from bronze to scagliola, from embroidery to Bucchero, from lustre glazed ceramics to glass. This project aims to increase the artisan's possibilities for expression, thus helping them to understand which new dimensions can be explored and, at the same time, offering designers a chance to work with intriguing techniques, materials and practices, rich with narrative inspirations.

The pieces, created specifically for the 2016 edition of the Milan Design Week, were displayed at the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, an exceptional setting in the heart of Milan.

The whole collection, made up of authentic narrative icons, comes across as an articulated and extremely evocative story about the local territories' know-how and the visionary nature of contemporary design.