The third meeting in the “Homo Faber” cycle of conferences was dedicated to the cinema and to the art of costume making in particular. Gabriella Pescucci, the guest of honour, was awarded an Oscar in 1994 for the costumes she designed for Martin Scorsese’s “The Age of Innocence”.

Costume design occupies a special place among the many professions of the cinema, which has always been an exceptional training ground for research and innovation, design and manual skill. In fact, costume design is fundamental in allowing us to travel in time and immerse ourselves in the stories projected on the silver screen. Costume making is a work that is literally made “on” the actors and actresses, and through which they become someone else, far removed from the audience.

The most famous Italian costume maker is undoubtedly Gabriella Pescucci, who worked with masters like Tosi and Tirelli. During her career she collaborated with great Italian film directors, from Federico Fellini, to Ettore Scola, Francesco Rosi and Sergio Leone. In Hollywood, she worked with Martin Scorsese as well as with Terry Gilliam (“The Adventures of Baron Münchausen”, 1989 and “The Brothers Grimm”, 2005) and Tim Burton (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, 2006).


Gabriella Pescucci, costume designer, 1994 Academy Award winner for “The Age of Innocence”

Piera Detassis, journalist and film critic, Director of CIAK magazine

Ruggero Eugeni, Director of ALMED-Alta Scuola in Media Comunicazione e Spettacolo

Paolo Della Sega, MEC-Master Eventi Culturali