The third annual edition of "Double Signature: A Dialogue between Design and Artisanal Excellence" has met with great success.More than 18000 visitors enjoyed the felicitous initiative by the Cologni Foundation and Living – Corriere della Sera was presented by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship during the Milano Design Week (17 – 23 April) with an exhibition held at Villa Mozart.

Thousands of visitors came to the villa to admire the display held in the showroom of Giampiero Bodino, a creator of high jewellery. The innovative and fascinating idea behind Doppia Firma is the dialogue between 13 important international designers and 13 great Italian craftspeople. This gave life to a unique collection of original objects that are the fruit of creative exchange between contemporary design culture and skills that are an authentic expression of their locality.

Among other destinations, "Double Signature" will travel to Venice to become part of the large exposition "Homo Faber: Crafting a More Human Future" organised by the Michelangelo Foundation and hosted from 14 to 30 September 2018 on the awe-inspiring premises of the Giorgio Cini Foundation. Precisely here, the organisers of "Doppia Firma" will reproduce the display on an extraordinary new stage.

The materials and the techniques the designers' vision and the artisans' high-end craftsmanship will tackle range from art prints to ceramics and masks, from wood to brocade and lace, from jewellery to mosaics, from fabrics to glass and knitting, from gold leaf to silkscreen printing. The project aims at widening the artisans’ expressive range by making them aware of new dimensions to be explored, while designers will be offered an opportunity to work with evocative, inspiring techniques and materials, enticing a number of narrative suggestions.

Below, the list of the 13 couples featuring in this year's Doppia Firma version, with each designer's country of origin and the materials:

De Allegri Fogale (UK) and Andrea Zilio (Glass)
Natalie Du Pasquier (France) and Emanuele Bevilacqua (Brocade)
India Mahadavi (France) and Lucia Costantini (Lace)
Philippe Tabet (France) and Bottega Mascareri (Masks)
Serena Confalonieri (Italy) and Abate Zanetti (Mosaic)
Kiki van Eijk (Netherlands) and Berta Battiloro (Gold leaf)
Studio Swine (UK) and Giampaolo Babetto (Jewellery)
Pepa Reverter (Spain) and Ceramiche Artistiche 3B (Ceramics)
Imma Bermudez (Spain) and Este Ceramiche e Porcellane (Ceramics and porcelain)
Erik Spiekermann (Germany) and Grafiche Antiga (Art prints)
David&Nicolas (Lebanon) and Morelato (Wood marquetry)
Ini Archibong ( Switzerland) and Maglificio Miles (Spinning and knitting)
Giampiero Bodino (Italy) and Giampaolo Fallani (Silkscreen printing)