by Sabina Colloredo, illustrations Gianni De Conno

This publication is dedicated to one of the most fascinating and rewarding professions in the world, the designer.

The second title in the innovative series “Storietalentuose” was developed by the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art together with ADI–Associazione per il Disegno Industriale and Carthusia Edizioni. The aim of the series is to encourage young people to find out how much beauty, satisfaction and joy can derive from choosing one’s profession in the world of artistic crafts.

“Il ragazzo che trasformava le cose” is dedicated to one of the most fascinating and rewarding professions in the world: the designer. Italy has produced many of the greatest creative geniuses in this field, gathering universal admiration.

In this story, a boy and his little sister enjoy taking apart everything they can get their hands on and then create something completely new. In doing so, the boy lets lose his inventiveness and his ability to think in new dimensions. Through these objects he can explore the world using both his mind and his hands. He can design reality and make it better – for himself and others.

This compelling tale, by renowned children’s author Sabina Colloredo, introduces young readers to the profession of designer, who must be gifted not only with creative flair and intuition, but also with common sense. The story is enhanced by the engaging, ironic illustrations created by Gianni De Conno.

This innovative 24-page cardboard foldout is patented by Carthusia. It can be read on both sides: on one, it is an illustrated book, on the other, there is big illustration with in-depth information dedicated the great moments in the history of Italian design.

The “Storietalentuose” series is targeted to boys and girls, their families and teachers. In school and at home, this book will be a useful tool to help them find their way in the world of artistic crafts.