by Luana Carcano, illustrations Victor Togliani

This book is dedicated to all those who love the sea: from expert skippers to aspiring seamen, from vintage and modern boat enthusiasts to lovers of sailing competitions.

This volume in the “Mestieri d'Arte” series is the result of a very special partnership between the Cologni Foundation and Officine Panerai, which share a common passion for craftsmanship of excellence and are committed to its protection and acknowledgment.

Written by Bocconi University professor Luana Carcano and illustrated by Victor Togliani, the book documents how Italy’s renowned international leadership in yacht building is founded on design and style as much as on skilled craftsmanship, innovation, technology, traditional knowledge of specific territories and on the values of a deep-rooted culture of the sea.

Based on the extraordinary personal experiences of the legendary figures of Italy’s nautical history (entrepreneurs, builders, shipwrights, artisans, designers, ship owners, sea captains), the book pleasantly illustrates the multi-faceted and compelling mosaic of masters and professions of this truly Italian accomplishment. Readers can thus fully appreciate the meaning of “métier d’art” in the sphere of navigation, and how to protect and hand down a culture that constitutes an extraordinary heritage of knowledge and values.

Victor Togliani’s new and original illustrations convey the evocative force of this nautical universe in a poetic and powerful way.