by Paolo Massobrio and Andrea Sinigaglia

The secrets of wine making and viticulture: a guide to a profession that verges on art.

Paolo Massobrio and Andrea Sinigaglia have divided the first part of their book into four chapters that follow the order of the seasons. The narration highlights the unique nature of this profession, its historical aspects and cultural values. Sixteen clear and concise data sheets illustrate the main features of wine making and viticulture, which include selecting the best soil, wine ageing, labelling and grapevine diseases.

In the second part, interviews to some of the main protagonists of this industry allow readers to get an insight into the different types of wine makers: from the most traditional, involved only in the vineyard and the wines, to the more sophisticated figure of the winemaker-researcher, to the winemaker-entrepreneur, who develops an entire system involving the territory around this unique art.

Paolo Massobrio is one of Italy’s most famous food and wine journalists and writers, who has worked in this field for over twenty years.

Andrea Sinigaglia runs training programmes in hospitality management institutes and at the Cattolica University of Piacenza. He teaches History of Italian Cuisine at Alma, the International Italian Cooking School, where he was appointed executive manager in 2006 and is responsible for the quality of the courses and for international relations.