by Giuliana Scimé, photos Maurizio Galimberti

This volume tackles the subject of photography, a very popular and widespread passion involving professionals and amateurs alike.

Giuliana Scimé is one of the best-known and most authoritative photography historians and critics. She works with Italian and foreign magazines as well as for the Corriere della Sera. She lectures in History of Photography at the Cattolica University of Brescia. Beyond describing the history of photography, the author sheds light on the photographer’s profession: a “commitment of the soul” in an on-going “challenge” to technique, looking for new forms of expression.

Maurizio Galimberti, a master of snapshot photography, gave an important contribution to the volume with a number of his unpublished works. Galimberti also created the book cover and provided interesting insights in his work and his personal experience and vision.