by Emanuele Pirella

Creating texts and inventing slogans for advertising: a contemporary artistic craft with a great future.

Until now, the “Mestiere d’Arte” series has focused on professions with a bright present and a rich past. This volume, instead, explores a profession that is firmly grounded in the present and at the same time strongly projected into the future.

Through the biographies of the key figures in the history of advertising, the author reveals a multifaceted field with significant traditions. The author draws a captivating picture of this profession through his own professional experience as a successful copywriter.

Emanuele Pirella, journalist and satirical writer, has been one of Italy’s most successful copywriters for over twenty years. In addition to the highest Italian accolades, in 1997 his advertising agency received the Bronze Lion award at the Cannes Festival, followed by the Gold Lion in 1998, the Bronze Lion in 1999 and the Silver Lion in 2000.