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Artigianato e progetto

Convegno sulle arti applicate in Italia

The conference ‘Né arte né design’ (‘Neither Art nor Design’), held at the Triennale di Milano on the initiative of the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte in September 2019 offered some interesting analyses and ideas on the theme of the applied arts in Italy, looking at the disciplinary field from a contemporary perspective.
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Fatto ad arte. Né arte né design

Scritti e disegni (1976 - 2018)

This collection of articles and essays is, to this day, a thought-provoking record of a long artistic path and of an equally long critical path made of reviews, books, manifestos, exhibitions and collections.
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Costruttori di valore

il ruolo strategico del saper fare italiano

Craftsmanship is one of the key elements to the success of Italy’s manufacturing industry. Italy’s future growth must therefore be based on the most authentic and effective assets of its economy: value creation that is founded on beauty.
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Il valore del mestiere

Elementi per una valutazione dell'eccellenza artigiana

In order to understand the origins and future of authentic Made in Italy production it is necessary to analyse, evaluate end comprehend the true meaning of craftsmanship of excellence and the noble nature of the master artisan’s craft.
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Artefici di bellezza

Mestieri d'arte nella moda italiana

This research explores the history of Italian fashion from the unusual perspective of tailors, model makers, embroiderers, weavers, dyers, lace makers and other master craftspeople whose dedication contributes to the creation of quintessential Italian quality and style.
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Le Esposizioni Universali

I mestieri d'arte sulla scena del mondo (1851-2010)

The volume illustrates the fantastic, often troubled history of the Universal Expos through the lens of artistic crafts: from the first World Exposition of 1851 to the futuristic architecture of Shanghai 2010.
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Maestri del fare

Indagine socio-economica sulla domanda di mestieri d'arte a Milano

Artistic crafts represent a complex system that is deeply rooted in Italy’s history. In this field, progress determines frequent redefinitions of the production specifications.
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Mestieri d’arte e Made in Italy

Giacimenti culturali da riscoprire

The research is focused on the rich and variegated universe of Italy’s artistic craftsmanship. Its purpose is to spotlight which crafts still respond to criteria of absolute aesthetic and manufacturing excellence, playing an important role in Italy’s economy even at an international level.
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La Grande Europa dei Mestieri d'Arte

L'artigianato artistico d'eccellenza nei Paesi dell'Unione Europea

A unique guide to the artistic crafts in Europe, with a historical and environmental introduction and a detailed overview of regional peculiarities.
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A regola d’arte

Attualità e prospettive dei mestieri d’arte in Lombardia e Canton Ticino

This volume presents the results of a research on artistic crafts in Lombardy and the Ticino Canton carried out by the “Arti e Mestieri” Research Centre.
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Genio e Materia

Contributi per una definizione del mestiere d’arte

What do artistic crafts represent in our societies? This volume brings together the results of an extensive research on the “intelligence of the hand”.
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L’Intelligenza della Mano

Mestieri d’Arte: ieri, oggi, domani

The subject of protecting and safeguarding the artistic crafts is examined from a variety of angles with significant contributions from international experts.