To coincide with the publication of the book Lo spettacolo della Bellezza. Da Benvenuto Cellini agli artefici contemporanei. Storie di talento, mecenatismo e passione, in the bookshops at Christmas to celebrate 25 years of activity on the part of the Fondazione Cologni, a special book trailer has been made by Emanuele Zamponi, based on a screenplay by Claudio Castellacci and Patrizia Sanvitale.

It is Benvenuto Cellini, the great Florentine goldsmith and sculptor and the creator of the famous Salt Cellar for Francis I of France, who takes the floor, relating his astounding adventures, from Medicean Florence to papal Rome, up until his making of the well-known masterpiece at the French court: one of the greatest works of craftsmanship of all time.

And it is his marionette that brings the marvellous tale to life: a marionette made for the occasion by the craftsmen and women of the Compagnia Carlo Colla & Figli, jewel in the crown of Milanese puppetry. In fact the skilled artisans of the theatre company have created marionettes and scenes to illustrate the volume, a little gem brought out by Marsilio that tells the story of the Salt Cellar and arrives at our own day with an account of the achievements of the Fondazione Cologni, which has always had Cellini’s masterpiece as its logo.

A magical and gripping account, related in an ironic and playful manner and illustrated with the evocative images of Laila Pozzo, who has captured all the enchantment of this theatre in miniature.

A very special book trailer, it can be viewed online on the website and social media profiles of the Fondazione Cologni, announcing the publication of this small art book that narrates in an unusual and highly poetic way 25 years of passion and commitment to the preservation and promotion of high craftsmanship.