On 14 June last, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte attended the Working session of Artistic Crafts International Charter, in the venue of Confartigianato-Imprese Udine. This important meeting, aimed at sharing opinions and developing a dialogue with other entities who have subscribed to the document or are otherwise contributing toward protecting and promoting artistic craftsmanship, aims at providing a network able to draw the attention of the institutions regarding the great themes and the challenges of this sector. To this aim, the major national representatives of Confartigianato and CNA artistic crafts have attended the meeting. Before coming together, the participants visited the Friuli-Venezia Giulia artistic craftsmanship exhibition "L'Artigian Ingegno, Leonardo tra acqua e terra in Friuli", (The Craftsman’s Genius, Leonardo between water and land in Friuli) promoted by Confartigianato-Imprese Udine, with the support of the Region, and curated by Elena Agosti. Also within the meeting, Confartigianato-Imprese offered a preview of an important research dealing with a perimeter definition of the Italian art craftsmanship sector based on the number of businesses and employees in each area.