Since 2012, the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art promotes the transmission of traditional crafts, skills and knowledge to the younger generations through its apprenticeship programme “A shool, a job. Training to excellence”.

Throughout Italy, schools of excellence in the artistic crafts identify their best students and submit their application together with the name of a workshop or atelier that will host them for this important training experience. In 2015/2016, the Cologni Foundation awarded 40 apprenticeships. At the end of this edition, therefore, the Cologni Foundation reached a total of 110 apprenticeships, thus exceeding the initial target of 100.

During the six months of their training, each apprentice receives a monthly net salary of €700, with all additional costs and insurance covered by the Cologni Foundation. This programme is made possible also thanks to the support of patrons who "adopt" a young artisan. It is in fact possible to cover the total cost of one apprenticeships with €5,000.

The project has a dedicated website featuring the names of the schools, the workshops, the patrons and of course the stories of the young apprentices. Susanna Pozzoli’s beautiful photographs illustrate the website.