The "Poldi Pezzoli Ateliers", the crafts workshops for adults created by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte in a collaboration with Milan’s Poldi Pezzoli Museum, will soon start again. Between November and January, three appointments will host some important and well-known master craftsmen who will make their knowledge and skills available to the participants eager to learn how to create a small artefact. All three meetings will be focusing on Leonardo’s multifaceted, ingenious figure as a goldsmith, cabinetmaker and calligrapher.  

For the goldsmiths’ workshop, Daniela Repetto, a lecturer at Milan’s Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana (the Ambrosiana School of art of Goldsmiths), will instruct students to create wax casts of the distinctive decorative knot featuring in Mona Lisa’s garment. Master cabinet-maker Paolo Santambrogio will assist participants in constructing a wooden dodecahedron, a much-loved Platonic solid, especially dear to the Tuscan artist. Eventually, calligraphers Ivana Tubaro and Claire Billotte, who are collaborating with important brands, will guide the registered participants in creating greeting cards or short quotes, with the support of a nib featuring a goose feather and a walnut husk, for an immersive experience into the pages of Milan’s Renaissance.