Launched in 2012, the programme promotes the integration of young talent in the world of artistic crafts with 6-month apprenticeships awarded to students who have completed their studies in the field. In the year 2017, the Cologni Foundation’s apprenticeship programme “A School, a Job. Training to excellence” has a special focus on the areas affected by the earthquake in Central Italy.

The project, now in its sixth edition, has granted more than 110 extra-curricular apprenticeships addressed to young graduates from the most prestigious School of Arts and Crafts in Italy. Thanks to the programme, the apprentices can spend a period of six months in a workshop, working side-by-side with an experienced master artisan.

Four apprenticeships are to be awarded in the areas that have been severely damaged by the earthquake, with the precious support of the National Federation of the Cavalieri del Lavoro. The aim is to foster exchange between students and masters, combining it with the need to reconstruct and start again, thus creating a virtuous circle.

The support of other generous donors (Banca Ifigest, Cartier Italia, Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi, Fondo Vasco Ferrante, Giampiero Bodino, IWC, Officine Panerai, Patrimony 1873) enables the Cologni Foundation to select many other candidates from the rest of Italy, thus more talented school-leavers will begin their remunerated training programmes. In this way, the Cologni Foundation continues along a road that has already brought many young persons to realise their dream of becoming the master artisans of tomorrow.