On the occasion of the photo exhibition “La regola del talento” in the Royal Palace of Caserta, several educational labs on the crafts world, namely jewellery and goldsmithing, will be offered to students.

After a guided tour through the magnificent rooms of the Royal Palace, they will be able to attend a high-craftsmanship lesson, organised with the precious collaboration of Tads-Tarì Design School, one of the 17 schools of excellence included in the book which inspired the photo exhibition.

So far, as many as six high schools have had the opportunity to follow the lessons delivered by amazing master goldsmiths, passing down their knowledge and skills to the future generations with dedication and passion.

The labs feature multiple subjects, such as jewel design, gem setting, and gemmology, essential topics in pursuing this path with an aim at producing unique amazing pieces.

For further information and lab reservations, please contact Tads-Tarì Design School.