There is a new rendez-vous with the Poldi Pezzoli craft workshops: on 28th and 29th December, “The Poldi Pezzoli workshops" offer participants the chance to put their manual skills with wood to the test.

Guided by Master Paolo Santambrogio, owner of "Il Truciolo" workshop and a collaborator of the Didactic Museum of Wood of Cesano Maderno, the participants will be introduced to the studies of Leonardo da Vinci on the machines he conceived and constructed and on a figure particularly dear to the Master: the dodecahedron, a solid which from the times of Plato was considered a sort of “cosmos in miniature."

The dodecahedron will be realized during the days of workshop: from the first phase of design, to using the bow saw and jig, to the assembly of all its faces, which is possible only with a special technique. The master cabinetmaker has been offering this workshop for some time now with great success.