The 7th edition of the “Una Scuola, un Lavoro” (A School, a Job) project, supported by Fondazione Cologni and aimed at tomorrow's young artisans and future masters is now on its way. 
The tender notice addressed to Italian Artistic Craft Schools is now online on the website. The schools can present their best new graduates by 30 September 2018. The 20 winners of the 2018/2019 competition are offered a free-of-charge “Mini Master”, held by teachers from the most prestigious Milan's universities, focusing on current themes in the artisan world, and supported by the precious contribution of Pomellato, a company especially receptive to the theme of young generations' education. After the Mini Master, students will learn the trade alongside great artisan masters in a six-month extra-curricular, remunerated, hands-on training apprenticeship. This year's theme for the “A School, a Job” project, which engaged more than 175 young talents over the last few years, is hinged on high-end urban manufacture, focusing on the restoration of historical ateliers and craft traditions in big cities, notably in the traditional territories and districts of well-established applied arts.

Therefore, the project will launch dedicated apprenticeships in the excellence districts of a few major cities: Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Naples, Palermo, the so-called “motor valley”. Schools will be asked to identify craft businesses, ateliers and companies operating in the above-mentioned cities and engaged in the territory's typical trades, from jewellery to restoration, from tailoring to fine leather production and shoemaking, from stringed instruments manufacturing to racing mechanics, willing to host the apprenticeships.

The initiative is made possible thanks to the precious support of patrons sustaining the project: a fund-raising to “adopt” the 2018/2019 young artisans is now open!

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