The names of the 20 lucky winners of the Fondazione Cologni's project entitled “A School, a Job. Paths of Excellence” 2018/2019 have been officially announced. In November, the successful candidates - recent diploma-holders, graduates and licensed from Art and Crafts schools across Italy - will attend a four-week “Mini Master”, specially designed with Milan's most prestigious universities, before entering a six-month internship aimed at refining their knowledge with a deeper approach, in close contact with outstanding Italian Master artisans. During the “Mini Master” developed with Pomellato's precious support, the future artisans will be engaged by CorsiArte School in a historical journey through applied arts, and in a discovery of the hidden treasures of Milan's most important collections; Milan's Politecnico will provide the basis of Design, involving them in practical exercises on product realisation; SDA Bocconi will introduce them to the field of sound financial management for micro-enterprises; IULM will guide them to explore the subject of digital communication and marketing strategies for small craft businesses, and beyond.

More information will soon be available on the website.