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Cpertina "Il Tipografo"


Fotogrammi dal film: La banda degli onesti


Steve Jobs, co-fondatore di Apple sulla copertina di Wired 4.02 (febbraio 1996)


Selezione di icone per il sistema Macintosh, disegnate da Susan Kare, Apple Computer 1983 - 1984


Collezione delle copertine della rivista Emigre


Prova di copertina per la rivista Transworld Skateboarding, circa 1986


Wired, copertina del numero 3.05 (maggio 1995)


Maurizio Galimberti, Tipografia interventista, 2003


Thanks to the tools of digital communication, today we are witnessing the transformation of the world into a sort of vast interconnected typography, where anyone can become a typographer, design fonts and print books.
The advent of the computer has closed a chapter of history and opened a new one which is still taking in its early days.
This is the starting point for the authors of this book, who work back to Gutenberg and the great names in typography: from Giambattista Bodoni to Virginia Woolf, Claude Garamond and Franco Maria Ricci, not forgetting the outlandish experiments of the Futurists.
It is a story packed with history, customs, curious and social and cultural references, yet as gripping as a novel.

Claudio Castellacci is a journalist and author of books on current affairs and customs, and coordinates the publishing sector of the International Activities Division of RCS Media Group.

Patrizia Sanvitale is a journalist and sociologist who is consultant to international publishing groups and the brains behind new publishing projects. They have already published a book together entitled Ho sognato California (I Dreamt of California), published by Rizzoli.









Data Book





Claudio Castellacci, Patrizia Sanvitale


Il Saggiatore, Milan


Arti e Mestieri


16,5 x 21 cm


Brossura cucita


Patinata avoriata 150 gr




29 a colori, 32 B/N


28,00 €

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22,50 €

Release date

marzo 2004